Next-Level Entertainment

Our drivers, amplifiers and all other components are manufactured for unrivaled performance, and to deliver 122dB of max output. With sound this bold, you might start describing KUBE’s reach in acreage.

True Surround Sound

The art of creating a completely immersive sound experience starts with highly advanced drivers placed in optimal locations and firing directions. The result? Impressive 360-degree sound regardless of the space or your position relative to KUBE.


A precise level of detail was applied to every element of KUBE’s functionality. We explored everything from overall aesthetic, to the tactile feel of each button to the way you seamlessly connect. The goal was to create a whole new entertainment experience that’s simple, intuitive and elegant.

Exceptional Connectivity

Set KUBE down, press play and you’re ready to entertain. Our exceptional wireless connectivity, up to 300 feet, and simple integration wtith mobile devices means you can get back to enjoying the music without stressing about the technology.

Listen Without Limits

Professional-quality sound without unattractive, extra parts to limit what’s possible. Enjoy a single system that replaces the need for multiple indoor and outdoor audio equipment and is easy to bring along for the ride.

Weather-Agnostic Design

Now you can safely entertain at the lake, on the boat, or by the pool – even in the rain. Power, USB and line-in ports are discreetly located in the back of the unit and are equipped with easy-open and -close panels for advanced moisture protection. You’ve got your entertainment covered, no matter what the forecast.

Reinvent Any Space

Forget what you know about wireless audio. KUBE’s trailblazing technology creates an experience that’s powerful and cathartic, both indoors, and in wide-open outdoor settings. Enjoy pure sound, the way it was meant to be heard.


All-day entertainment that keeps pace with your lifestyle. Keep KUBE in a set location or bring it along on spontaneous adventures – no cords or wires needed.


20 Hours Of Playtime

Our advanced battery system runs for up to 20 hours, keeping you well-equipped for an entire weekend of fun, even at higher volumes.


KUBE keeps your devices charged, gear safe and beverages chilled, making it one of the most versatile audio systems ever conceived. The all-new KUBE packs an incredible amount of features, accessories and functions in one self-contained and brilliantly designed unit.

Form and Function

Our fade-in, beautifully lit insulated compartment chills drinks for 24 hours. With 35 quarts/33.1 liters of space you can store your gear or about 16 bottles of wine.

35 Quarts Storage

4 PortAccessory System

Details Make The Difference

The four-port accessory system on each side of KUBE was designed with product versatility in mind. The handles can be removed or reconfigured according to your preference, and an array of future accessories will also be supported here for further customization.


An in-depth look at KUBE


    • 122dB max output
    • Produces 360-degree sound
    • Bipolar driver configuration
    • Advanced 400W digital amplifier


    • Wi-fi / Air Play via Infrastructure and Access
    • Point Modes
    • Bluetooth 4.0 / A2DP
    • Dual-diversity antennas
    • Wireless range up to 300 ft


    • Push-panel-activated, self-opening lid
    • Fade-in illumination
    • 35-qt capacity (33.1L)
    • Discreet, flip-open drain plug
    • Insulated


    • Four premium machine-threaded ports
    • Located on both left and right sides


    • Power
    • Wireless/Bluetooth, Play/Pause
    • Volume Up/Down


    • Advanced integrated Li-ion power system
    • Up to 20 hrs of playback


    • 1x USB peripheral charging port (2.1A MAX)
    • 1x 3.5mm audio input
    • DC charging port for KUBE


    • Splash and water-resistant


    • 48 lbs
    • [21.8 kg]
    • 23 in x 17 in x 17.7 in
    • [585 mm x451 mm x 433 mm]