Meet Kube

Meet KUBE, a portable, wireless audio system that sounds like nothing else. It complements the space around you instead of competing with it. The result is rich, full sound that makes any environment more inviting.


Newly Launched

is a next-gen portable, multi-room
WiFi & Bluetooth speaker for everywhere.

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Why Kube?

Sure, before KUBE you could play music on a portable Bluetooth® speaker. But it only sounds good within a few feet. Or, you had to set up a whole professional PA system with cables and power sources. With KUBE, it’s super easy to bring exceptional sound to large spaces.

Amazing Sound

This is no ordinary speaker. With advanced audio components and proven engineering, KUBE delivers 360 degrees of incredible sound, radiating bass and mids evenly with low distortion levels. The result? You hear music the way it was intended.

Built-in storage.
Carry on.

It’s simple, really. When you’re going outside, you have stuff to take with you. That’s why KUBE includes built-in storage space, large enough for 16 bottles of wine or any gear you want protected from sun, rain, sand, or snow.

Connect easily.
Just like that.

Set KUBE down, press play, and you’re ready to entertain. KUBE connects easily through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® using software that’s already on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.





Sound as big as the setting.

Place KUBE in the middle of the action, and experience 360 degrees of incredible sound. KUBE delivers an astounding 122dB output, enabling it to project audio over large areas. And while a Sound Pressure Level as loud as a thunderclap is impressive, it’s KUBE’s sound quality that will get your heart racing.

37 qt storage space coated with FDA-approved resin

Push-activated, self-opening lid with fade-in illumination

Exterior made of anodized aluminum

Exterior made of anodized aluminum

Soft-touch material covers the side grilles

Port doors can easily be removed and reattached